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Do you find it convenient to have on your phone a list of all your important places in your neighbourhood and in your city? Shops, eating and drinking places, hairdressers and beauty saloons, fitness, recreation and entertainment places.

We DO. That is why we created Regico.

Regico is a free application for telephones and tablets using iOS and Android, which you can use to accomplish loads of useful things in your city and in your neighbourhood:

  • Book your appointment with your physician or dentist, hair stylist, masseur; reserve your table in a restaurant, bar or café; book your parking lot; tennis court; driving lessons; make interview appointments, learning courses, exams, etc.
  • Get bonuses in all the places where you are a loyal customer.
  • Order easily and fast your fruit and vegetable; groceries, ready-to-eat food, flowers or anything else in your neighbourhood. Order directly over the phone wherever you are, then collect your orders after work at a time convenient to you. The best merchants would even deliver to your home and you may pay on delivery.

To make this possible, your merchants, shops or service providers should also register in Regico and activate the relevant options. You can help us by telling them about us. Install our application. Study it and play with it a bit.

If you like the idea, tell your hairdresser, dentist or you favourite restaurant. Invite them to Regico and they will get the chance to have their own booking system. Completely free. Tell your favourite eating and drinking places or your preferred shops about the bonuses and the orders they can easily use through Regico.


Soon the Regico application for iOS or Android will be available with Turkish/Romanian interface.


Please, feel free to email us your recommendations, comments and questions at:


We do hope you will find our service useful to you.