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Customers are essential to any business. The business exists and works for them.

  • 1. What can Regico do for your business?

    Regico is a unique system of interaction between the companies and their customers. It can boost the competitiveness of any small business by supplying it with tools to help it compete successfully with the large companies in its business segment.

    Nowadays we live in a time of dynamic changes in the relationships between the businesses and their customers. The time of the anonymous customers who come, buy something and go, is dying away. Technologies make it possible for those two groups – the merchants and the customers – to come to know each other, to communicate personally and a lot more fully. Regico links you to your customers in a way easier and full of options. When you register at the platform you can activate each option separate:

    • Bookings:
      This is your on-line booking system where you can record all the bookings made over the phone and you can receive the booking requests from your customers directly via internet, without any phone calls. You decide whether those bookings will be entered automatically in your work schedule or wait for your confirmation.
    • Bonuses:
      With Regico you can start your own customer loyalty program. We believe in this way we have applied the fairest scheme – the more often a customer visits you, the more bonuses he receives. If he lessens his visits, his bonuses will lessen as well. The bonuses (what kind those will be, how many and for what time limit) will be up to you to determine just with a few clicks of your mouse. Thereafter the system works for you completely automatically.
    • Orders:
      Should the customer get on his car and drive to a certain market place only for a kilo of strawberries? Should he go to the big supermarket just for a loaf of brown bred and olives? Can’t he order those with any of the grocery shops in his neighbourhood, then collect his orders after work? Find new customers in your neighbourhood! Offer them more than they expect – delivery to their doorstep at a set time. Gain them forever!
  • 2. Is Regico complicated to work with?

    Booking System:
    You can work with the system anywhere – on your computer, tablet or telephone. It would be best if could have a tablet in your outlet, and if you work on your own a phone will be quite sufficient. With Regico you can check your bookings through any device with internet connection, no matter if you are at work, at home, in a traffic jam or even abroad. All the information is stored and reserved on our servers, you needn’t worry about that..

    Bonuses System:
    This service does not require any hardware device for customers’ use in your outlet. Just set the bonuses from your computer at home or in your office, and the customer loyalty program will work months on end, completely automatically. If you do have a tablet or a Smartphone in your outlet, you will benefit from a complete control on the customers visits and claimed bonuses.

    Orders System:
    If you accept orders for delivery on the next day, you will be able to go through those at home after work and print out the list. On the next day you will be able to stock the ordered items and deliver those to your customers. However, if you would rather deliver the orders in a shorter period of time – say, within 4 hours, then we recommend that you use a tablet in your outlet.

  • 3. What exactly the bonuses are?

    Regico Bonuses:

    Once you have registered in Regico and you have activated the Bonuses option, you should enter the type, the quantity and the time limit for the bonuses that you are going to give to your loyal customers.


    For example:
    Permanent Bonus: 10% discount for orders over 15 levs value.
    Special Bonus: 25% discount for late lunch order from 2.30 until 4.30 p.m.
    Valid for: 30 days


    You can easily set a Permanent Bonus and up to three Special Bonuses in your customer loyalty program. You can change those at any time.

    How the option works:

    1. When a customer adds you up in his favourite places list, the system sends him a Permanent Bonus on your behalf – for example: a 10% discount for any order over 15 levs value, which he can claim on any visit at your place.
    2. After the first use of the Permanent Bonus the customer receives the first Special Bonus from you.
    3. After he has used a Special Bonus the customer will receive the next one.
    4. After the expiry of the time period a new period will start and your customer will receive again a first Special Bonus from you.
  • 4. How the Orders work?

    Regico Orders:

    The Orders System is under construction and it will be soon available for use.

  • 5. How much will the use of the Regico platform cost?

    We would really like to be useful for the small and medium-size business.

    Therefore, we have decided to offer the Bookings System completely free of charge to UNLIMITED TIME.

    Our model is based on the following: the business will pay for the use of the Bonuses and/or Orders Systems.

    We are launching with a simple and clear plan:

    1. Bookings – free of charge
    2. Bonuses – see the Regico country pages
    3. Orders – see the Regico country pages

    For the end users the platform will be completely free of charge.


That’s all.

(!) No paper contracts and deadlines.

(!) You can easily register and activate one or more options.

(!) You can deactivate any option at any time.

(!) You can re-activate those at any given moment.


What do you think about it all?

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We hope you will find our service useful to you. We wish you successful business!