About Regico


We all live two lives these days – a real one and a virtual one. Our real life is what we do in our city and our neighbourhood, and our virtual life goes in the internet and the various digital platforms. Actually, it is all one single life – our life, isn’t it? Let’s delete that border line ...

Why we created Regico?

Because we believe, that people need to use their smart mobile devices for some useful local services to make their life easier. Because we see, that at the moment the relationships between the businesses and their customers rapidly develop, and technologies facilitate each small business in interacting more fully with their customers. Because nowadays it is rather natural for anyone to reach out for his phone when he wants to get in touch with a friend, and also with his places in the city – when one goes shopping, makes orders, eats or uses various services.

Regico is for anyone.

Regico puts you through to your merchants and services.
Regico puts you through to your customers.
Regico is always with you – accessible via your phone, tablet or computer.
Regico is in your language.